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Defeating the "Seller/Doer" Cycle

Our clients are typically experts in their chosen field.  The nature of most professional service firms, and the organizational structure of most firms, requires that at least part of their time be devoted to finding new clients.  While this is an often accepted paradigm it’s rarely one that is embraced by the typical subject matter expert.  We’ve been successful at working with our client firms to help them spend more time doing the work that they are most passionate about, and less time “on the bench” developing fresh opportunities and maintaining existing relationships.

Regardless of their specific area of expertise, the clients we’ve worked with have seen measurable benefits from working with us to put into action traditional business development and marketing methodologies.  We’ve helped them to move from the all too common reactive selling state that most firms operate under to a state of vision, control and growth.

It is a universal truth that the cultural “Seller/Doer” model that exists in most professional service firms creates an ebb and flow of work that has become accepted as part of the game.  Firms that can defeat this cycle benefit in a number of ways, not the least of which is a measurable increase in utilization rates and higher customer satisfaction.


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