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Case Study


Private Equity Investment Management Advisory Firm: 45 Professionals

Synopsis: This international firm specializes in the secondary market for private equity. Our role was to establish and nurture relationships with the Chief Investment Officers, their staffs, and board members at the largest charitable organizations, pension funds, high wealth individuals, and university endowments in the U.S. Key to our success was the discovery of those that intended to buy or sell portions of private equity funds. Up to our involvement the firm had no relationships with any such entities. When the project concluded after seven months, relationships existed with 56 of the top organizations in the country. 


  • Primary Product: Advice on private equity investments, structuring of complex deals, and execution of trades.
  • Targets: Pension funds, educational institutions, charitable foundations, and high wealth individuals with total assets ranging from $500 Million to over $50 Billion.
  • Results: Within a six-month period we established relationships with over 50 of the top non-profit organizations in the country, including Harvard, Yale, The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the University of California system, and The Ford Foundation. Each has taken part in at least one meeting or conference call. In addition, this firm became much more effective in their follow-up and closing efforts as a result of our counseling.

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