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It's About Relationships

Arguably, selling professional services is about building and maintaining relationships.  Firms live or die based on the strength of those relationships and on how well they are managed.  The days of the “I have my Rolodex and you have yours.” attitude toward client relationship management are over.  Cutting edge firms who have become our clients understand the power of implementing thoughtful, effective strategies designed to nurture client and prospect relationships through the entire development cycle.  

Relationships in business take time and effort to build.  The people your firm wants to sell to are being pursued by dozens of other potential “business partners” every day.  The people your firm wants to sell to are moving targets.  We know how to find them, how to engage them in a conversation and how to identify when spending time with them will be of value to you

Establishing the relationship is only part of the equation, however.  Where most firms fall short is in managing and maintaining those relationships.  Again, it’s essentially a function of time and focus – rare commodities for most of us.  With sales cycles that range from 6 months to 2 years, the importance of maintaining the relationships that took so much time and effort to generate is rarely underestimated but often overlooked.  We work with our clients to put into action a structured Opportunity Management process to insure that the pipeline of new relationships that we’ve built with them is nurtured to a productive and profitable result.  



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