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Pre Event Support

The Problem

A persistent problem with companies who exhibit at trade shows is the timely pre-show planning necessary to ensure a successful show. Typically, companies do not have the time or bandwith required to schedule meetings and appointments with their "top" prospects prior to arriving at the show. In order to see a positive return on investment, it is crucial that companies capitalize on the valuable time spent  before the show to guarantee that no opportunities go overlooked.

The Solution

Praxes Group has developed a process that allows companies to outsource the strategic pre-show planning necessary to capitalize on these opportunities. Prior to the show, while your team is focused on current business and maintaining active pipelines, our team is working through your list of prospective clients or partners and scheduling on-site meetings with them. Imagine arrivig at a show with the peace of mind that you already have appointments scheduled with qualified individuals who have expressed an interest in your product or service!

The Process

In order to establish an effective plan, you should engage with us as soon as you identify and commit to the event. We require a minimum 4 week window in advance of the event to be confident in achieving the best results.

  • Working with your team, we will put a plan into place that best represents your company's goals and objectives for the event.
  • Praxes Group's team will work through your list of attendees/exhibitors, engaging qualified individuals at these companies in a dialogue designed to determine their level of interest in a face-to-face meeting (on site or off site) during the event.
  • Throughout the entire process, our team will be in contact with your team in order to capitalize on every opportunity that becomes available during the campaign.
  • We will coordinate dates and times and confirm set appointments with prospects just prior to the event.
  • We often attend events with our clients. Our role is to "Quarterback" your team's efforts in order to maximize your ROI from the event.

Our Advantage

We are experienced entrepreneurs, consultants and executives who have successfully developed our own networks over decades. We are not telemarketers. We provide dedicated teams of professionals who understand your company's goals, your products and your culture. When our team members make a call, they are focused on putting the best face on you, your company, and its products. Our goal is to create a relationship, not just a contact. In the fast-paced world of business, it is essential to partner with dedicated professionals that understand your business objectives and can help you to implement an effective plan.

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