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Post Event Support

The Problem

A persistent problem with companies who exhibit at trade shows is timely, consistent follow up and development of the leads generated at the show. Typically, there is a very limited window of opportunity to respond to those leads before they go stale. For most companies, the resources available to take advantage of these opportunities are even more limited. In order to see a positive return on investment, every lead needs to be contacted, developed and placed into the sales pipeline before it becomes a lost opportunity.

The Solution

Praxes Group has developed a process that allows companies to outsource the immediate, timely response necessary to capitalize on every possible opportunity that a company brings back from a conference or trade show. While your team is recovering from the time out of the office and following up on direct inquiries made at the show, our team is contacting everyone on your lead list.

The Process

  • We take charge of the list of leads collected at the event.
  • We will place all lead info into a customized database designed for your project.

  • Praxes Group will contact all prospects in the database in a specified period of time with an eye on  developing these prospects into sales “wins” for your team.

  • The initial call thanks the prospect for visiting the booth at the event and asks appropriate questions to develop information designed to determine their position in the sales pipeline.

  • Our process will create an “A, B, C” list of prospects based on urgency of need. “A” list prospects get into your sales team’s hands with critical background information.

  • We maintain contact with the “B” and “C” list prospects for a specified period of time, in an effort to move them through the sales pipeline towards the “A” list.
  • Throughout the entire process, our team will be in contact with your team to maintain maximum efficiency. 


 Our Advantage
We are experienced entrepreneurs, consultants and executives who have successfully developed our own networks over decades.  We are not telemarketers.  We provide dedicated teams of professionals who understand your company’s goals, your products and your culture.  When our team members make a call, they are focused on putting the best face on you, your company, and its products.  Our goal is to create a relationship, not a just a contact.  In the fast-paced world of business, it is essential to partner with dedicated professionals that understand your business objectives and can help you to implement an effective plan.

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