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Business Development Strategy

Planning is easy, execution is hard.  After over a decade of working with Professional Service firms of all sizes, we understand that most firms fall into two categories:


1) Those that plan well but fail to execute

2) Those that don't plan well (or at all) but gain new business on the backs of a handful of Rainmakers.


Failure to execute is typically a function of a poorly designed strategy that fails to acknowledge key practical elements of how a typical Seller Doer works each and every day.  We'll design a strategy that takes those realities into consideration.  We'll also be there to help make sure it get's executed effectively - even if it means plugging our team into the strategy design to take the brunt of heavy lifting while your team takes care of existing client work.


Relying on Rainmakers without a well designed strategy that effectively spreads the marketing and business development efforts of the firm beyond that small group, leaves your firm exposed.  What if one or two of them leave to start their own firm or join a competitor?  What if one of them dies? (A real world example that was the impetus behind a client project we started in 2008). How would you replace that lost revenue?


Contact us and maybe we can help you answer some of these questions.

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